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At Sugar 'n Spice, we believe in providing a tailored learning experience for each child. That's why we have carefully designed our classes to accommodate children based on their age and developmental milestones. We have four rooms that cater to different age groups, ensuring an environment that promotes age-appropriate interactions and learning opportunities. Come and explore our classes where children enjoy daily outdoor play, and engage in fun and educational activities that promote their overall development.

Classes & Programs

Image by Thomas Borb

 Room 1: Baby Sharks

Developmental Milestones:

  • Motor Skills: Infants should gradually develop motor skills such as lifting their head, rolling over, and eventually crawl or sit with support

  • Communication: Infants communicate through crying, cooing, and making sounds

  • Sensory Development: Infants should show interest in objects, faces, and sounds in their environment 

  • Feeding: Infants can suck, swallow, and start experimenting with solid foods at about 6 months

  • About ages 6 months - 1 year old

Girl with Binoculars

Room 2: Safari Explorers

Developmental Milestones 

  • Motor Skills: Toddles at this age may be walking independently, climbing, and trying to run. They may also start to use a spoon or fork for self feeding. 

  • Language: Vocabulary begins to expand and they may say a few words or phrases. 

  • Social Skills: Toddlers may show a preference for certain people, initiate play with peers, and start to imitate others' actions. 

  • Independence: They may start to develop a sense of independence, like trying to dress themselves or engage in simple tasks with help. 

  • About ages 1-2 years old

Walking in the Woods

Room 3: Forest Friends

Developmental Milestones

  • Motor Skills: Child has improved coordination which allows them to kick a ball, climb playground equipment, and handle small objects more skillfully 

  • Language: Vocabulary expands rapidly, and they begin to form more complex sentences and express themselves more clearly 

  • Social Skills: They play alongside peers, start to share, and understand basic social rules. 

  • Potty Training: Many children begin potty training during this period.

  • About ages 2-3 years old

Girl Eating Marshmallows

Room 4: Happy Campers

Developmental Milestones 

  • Motor Skills: Child has improved motor skills which allow them to draw basic shapes and use scissors. 

  • Language: They can hold longer conversations, ask questions, and use more complex sentences. 

  • Social Skills: They start playing coopertively with peers, taking turns, and understanding basic empathy. 

  • Cognitive Skills: Problem-solving and logical thinking abilities begin to develop

  • About ages 3-4 years old


Explore our exciting programs that inspire a love for learning, creativity, and discovery.



We offer a free of charge gymnastics program designed to enhance your child's physical development and coordination. Our gymnastics classes provide a safe and supportive environment for children to explore various gymnastics skills. Through engaging exercises, children can develop their motor skills, flexibility, and body awareness, all while having a great time and building confidence.

Sugar n Spice Garden


Children engage in gardening activities, such as planting seeds, tending to plants, and observing their growth. They learn about the importance of soil, water, sunlight, and other essential elements for plant growth. Through caring for their own garden beds or potted plants, children develop a sense of ownership and learn valuable lessons about nurturing and patience.



We understand that play is an essential aspect of a child's development. It is through play that they explore, discover, and learn. We recognize the value of fresh air, physical activity, and connecting with nature. That's why we make it a priority for children in all our classes to go outside daily (weather permitting), allowing them to engage in fun and educational activities in our outdoor play areas.

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